Outlaw is a Lost Cause

Outlaw gets sassy with a reporter at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital on October 4, 2021

Despite our recent exposé of her shortcomings, she has failed to make the necessary corrections and rise to the occasion.

We are aware that our blog went viral through the department, and she read it.

She lacks the ability or willingness to engage in introspection (self-examination) to learn and improve.

The occasion is two of her police officers shot in the line of duty this past Monday, October 4th, at 1:25 a.m. while combating a maniac wearing body armor and shooting at them with an AR-15 automatic rifle. The madman had just murdered a co-worker inside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

WPVI-TV 6 reported, “After the shooting, police say Hayes left the scene in a U-Haul. About an hour later, police received a report of an armed man in scrubs outside of the School of the Future at 40th and Parkside. Officers from the 16th District responded to the scene and police say Hayes fired dozens of rounds at responding officers. A 32-year-old officer who was grazed in the face was treated and released. Another 30-year-old officer was scheduled for surgery Monday afternoon after he was shot in the elbow. More than a hundred rounds littered the lawn outside the school. Police say the gunman was wearing full tactical body armor. An AR-15 assault rifle and handgun were found at the scene.” 

Three hours after the event, Outlaw talked to the press at the hospital. She could have used this as an opportunity to improve perceptions about her. She is universally disliked and instills zero confidence in her officers, her commanders, and the public. One senior commander told us, “I could have got the worst shitbag commander that I have and put them in front of the cameras, and they would done better than her. They would have praised their cops and talked about their families.”

Many members of the police department were dismayed, but not disappointed at Outlaw’s public statements immediately after the murder and subsequent active shooter situation that subjected her officers in gunfire.

During her press conference, she was unprepared and unable to speak without looking at her phone. She fumbled, and the public could hear her phone repeatedly getting pinged with texts. How rude.

She couldn’t refer to the incident without being non-committal and using an abundance of unnecessary caution. Here are some of her statements as reported by WPVI-TV 6, “The report was that there was a male in scrubs, with a weapon or a long gun, who was potentially firing rounds in the air or just had a gun,” Outlaw said.

“We learned that he was wearing body armor, and was carrying multiple weapons. In addition to the long gun, which was believed to be an AR-15, he was also carrying some form of a semi-automatic handgun,” Outlaw said.

“So we do believe that we don’t have any other outstanding shooting offenders or suspects from the Jefferson Hospital (incident). We’re not looking for anyone else at this time, and that’s all we know,” Outlaw said.

A long gun is a weapon, and it is sad that “that is all we know” on the day two officers get shot.

She was non-emotional about the involved officers. When a reporter asked her more about the officers, she said they had between two and six years on the job and were assigned to the 16th district. That’s it.

She displayed clear annoyance and hostility when another reporter noted the 400 homicides and two active shooter incidents occurring within days apart. Her body language revealed her anger. She moved from side to side, bit her lip, and arrogantly blinked her eyes, and said, “What can I say? How do you answer that question, right?” Then, sounding like Dr. Seuss, she said, “One homicide, two homicides. It doesn’t matter. A shooting is a shooting. A loss of life is a loss of life.”

Outlaw is the second-highest-paid City of Philadelphia employee at a $285,000 base salary, and that is all she can say.

Praising the involved officers could have been her alibi. Instead, she gave kudos to the “leadership” standing behind her, the “investigators,” and the detectives working around the clock and on the street. The ones standing behind her in the white shirts are bosses. Referring to them, she said, “these are the officers that scoop the shooting victims, put them in their vehicle, and take them to the hospital to ensure that another homicide doesn’t occur.”

This statement captured Outlaw in a nutshell. Patrol is the backbone of policing and always will be. The patrol officers wearing the blue shirts are then ones scooping shooting victims. On October 4th, officers assigned to patrol didn’t scoop a shooting victim to ensure another homicide didn’t occur – they pulled their guns out and fired at an armed killer wearing body armor.

Sometimes, this is what cops have to do. But Outlaw is delusional and is convinced a police agency can protect the public without patrol, without pulling out guns, and without shooting someone. All police officers can’t be a nursemaid like she was during the riots or sit behind a desk and second-guess working cops like she has made her entire “career.” See our article posted last week. We told you so.

Because she was never a cop, Outlaw is mentally and emotionally disengaged from the experience of cops. She is a bureaucratic slug who bounces from one police department to another because she checks all the boxes.

It is pitifully sad that Outlaw hesitated in praising her officers and calling them heroes pending a full review and the outcome of the Internal Affairs investigation of the police shooting. If police killed the scumbag while firing upon the officers, Outlaw would undoubtedly summarily conclude that many questions had to be answered; she would have reached out to the shooter’s family to express sympathy and asked for their permission to release police bodycam video footage.

We said this about Outlaw in our last article posted mere days before her latest leadership debacle. Her misguided behavior has only served to reinforce our views as well as everyone else’s.

Deputy Police Commissioner Joel Dales stands behind Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw

It was painful to watch Joel Dales standing next to her during the press conference and know that he must be cringing under his mask each time she opens her smart-ass mouth. Too bad he is a male and cannot check all of Kenney’s boxes. Otherwise, it would be a no-brainer to get rid of her and appoint him police commissioner.

We know Dales’ hands are tied, and Outlaw doesn’t listen to him, despite his strong popularity, respect from the rank-and-file, a stellar career that includes Highway Patrol, and being a second-generation Philadelphia cop.

In the absence of leadership at the Philadelphia Police Department, we extend a big thank you to the four courageous 16th District police officers that responded to a report of a man-with-a-gun. The man had just murdered someone. Your actions prevented further fatalities, and you should be commended. We pray for the speedy recovery of the two officers that were shot in the line of duty. We wish to express deep concern and appreciation to all the involved officers and their families.

After universal outrage, and urging from all quarters, police commissioner Outlaw made a belated appearance on Fox29’s Good Day Philadelphia. Two days after the shooting, she finally admitted what a great job her officers did during the shooting with the gunman wearing body armor.

Despite the strong criticism she received for failing to focus on her officers, her miraculous metamorphosis did not happen until after she checked with the mayor, city solicitor, and district attorney for approval to speak positively about them. It also happened after she had a full night’s rest which she is accustomed to. She seemed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during the Good Day Philadelphia interview. This was in contrast to her sassy and irritable performance during the early hours of Monday morning when she spoke at the hospital. She has never worked anything other than steady daywork/weekends and holidays off.

Fox 29 reported, “During the interview, Commissioner Outlaw addressed the shootout between four Philadelphia police officers and the suspect of the Jefferson Hospital shooting. She emphasized the bravery and courageousness of the officers who faced off against the suspect who was shooting rifle caliber bullets at them. Two of the officers were injured during the shootout and Commissioner Outlaw again pointed out that these officers were trained well and responded appropriately to the situation. These officers, all four officers, ran towards the gunfire. And we’re not talking about little pellets, we’re talking about rifle rounds here. The bullets are huge and that’s why the two officers that got out of this unscathed, it could have been way worse,” Commissioner Outlaw explained before saying the officers were “beyond brave, beyond heroic” in their actions. 

The real purpose of the interview was damage control. She knew she screwed up the press conference, disrespected her officers, and acted sassy with the reporter legitimately inquiring about the soaring homicides:

During the Fox29 interview, she added that she and Krasner disagreed on dealing with the Violation of Uniform Firearms Act (VUFA). At least now she knows what VUFA is. She was here for at least six months and had someone tell her what VUFA was during a media interview. Pathetic.

We need a police commissioner that was a cop and appreciates what they do. We need a police commissioner that can work under stress and respond appropriately and effectively in real-time. Considering the belated Wednesday TV appearance and her $285,000 salary, Danielle Outlaw is two days late and a dollar short.

5 thoughts on “Outlaw is a Lost Cause

  1. She is a pos knowing nothing about policing. She is a racist and cop hater. She could not easy my ass. She needs to go back to the land of the Delusional out in candy land.


  2. She is a pos knowing nothing about policing. She is a racist and cop hater. She could not easy my ass. She needs to go back to the land of the Delusional out in candy land.


  3. What an embarrassment she HID at the fire administration building during all the riots last summer and couldn’t make any command decisions because she is a coward and was NEVER a street cop book smart but no street smarts to handle crime


  4. If you want a real POLICE COMMISSIONER, then you are looking at him right behind her and to her left. His name is Joel Dales. He came up the ranks working in the trenches. He knows Philadelphia and he knows what it is to be a Cop. He is a Cops Cop. He is also one hell of a motorcycle rider. He spent many years on the Drill Team and Escorting numerous Heads of State, including the President of the United States. This is your man.


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